Got LOA from Technip

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah got LOA from Technip in Chevron West Seno job for provision of Accommodation Work Barge. The job is expected to start at Q4 2015 and will end in Q1 2016.


This job will be for FPU Commissioning and Installation.


Sign Power Generation Contract for 3 Years with PHE WMO

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah sign a contract with PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore for 3 years of Power Generation including all Engineering, Construction, Procurement, and Installation works.


Sign Contract to Support Meindo and Eka Nusantara

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah just sign contract to support PT. Meindo Elang Indah and PT. Eka Nusantara Line at Total E&P Indonesia, Balikpapan.


Sign Contract With ExxonMobil Cepu

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah won contract in ExxonMobil Cepu for provision of 2 unit AHTS.


Sign Contract With PC Ketapang

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah signed contract with PC Ketapang on early 2015 for support FPSO and WHP at Java Sea, Indonesia.


New Vacant Position Opened

Due to business expansion of PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah, currently we need additional candidate for the following position:

1. Head of Operation (1 position available)

2. Technical Superintendent (2 position available)

3. Operation Superintendent (2 position available)

4. IT System Developer (1 position available)

5. Several office admin including car driver (several position available)

More detailed information is available at our career page. Please send your CV to with the corresponding subject.


Sign Contract With McDermott Indonesia

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah just signed contract with McDermott Indonesia for provision of 300 pax accommodation work barge in Kepodang field. The expected commencement date is August 2014 up to September 2014 with contract duration up to 60 days + further extension option.

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah committed to fully support all clients whether they are PSC Oil and Gas Company, EPCI Company, Service Company, etc. All are our most valued partners.


New Accommodation Work Barge (AWB)

By looking and learning from increasing needs from our clients regarding Accommodation Work Barge, PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah’s management decided to buy new Accommodation Work Barge (AWB) for our fleet. From this Accommodation Work Barge, PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah show their commitment to achieve what has visioned from the start.


Should you need any more detailed inquiry regarding our new AWB, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sign Another Contract With CNOOC SES Ltd

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah sign another contract with CNOOC SES Ltd for providing Accommodation Workover Barge (AWB) With Pedestal Crane Service 80 MT Ton Capacity. This contract will last until end of 2014 or early 2015.


[CSR] Donation For Orphanage

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah has many policy regarding Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). One of which, we just donate more than 250 Spring Bed Mattresses to Orphanage at Batam and Balikpapan.