ISO 9001:2008 By LRQA

Having audited by dual Assessor, on 3 July 2013 PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah management system also got ISO 9001:2008 certificate from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. This Quality Management System is applicable to:

“Provision of ship owning, ship operation, and ship chartering for oil and gas industries.”


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007

PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah finally got ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates from ACS under UKAS on 28 May 2013. These ISO certificates are having scope of:

“Provision of ship owning, ship operating and ship chartering for oil and gas industries”



Crew Boat Sterlink Reliance

CB Sterlink Reliance has finished her dry docking and maintenance in Jakarta on July 2013 and currently she is available for charter.


Won Another Accommodation Workover Barge Contract

Bayu Maritim Berkah won another Accommodation Workover Barge contract from Gunanusa with end client Total Indonesie Balikpapan. We will deliver AWB Falcon Chief and AWB Support Station for this project which commence on September 2013 for 3 (three) months contract duration.


Sign Another Accommodation Workover Barge Contract

Bayu Maritim Berkah got AWB Support Station I a 2 months job with Timas Suplindo for construction job in Bukit Tua field, Petronas Indonesia.


Sign Another AHTS DP1 Contract

Bayu Maritim Berkah got 3 months DP1 AHTS job with Timas Suplindo for PHE Offshore North West Java starting 4th Week of August 2013.


Won Chevron KLO Accommodation Workover Barges Tender

Bayu Maritim Berkah just won another tender. This time it is at Chevron Indonesia Company KLO workover project for providing Accommodation Work Barges (AWB). This project will commence at early September 2013.


Sign Another Contract For Support Station 3 With Timas Suplindo

Bayu Maritim Berkah sign another contract for Support Station 3 with Timas Suplindo. Support Station 3 will support Timas Suplindo operation in PHE ONWJ field for one year starting from July 2013.


Swiber Extended Contract Of Tirta Samudera and Atlantic Challenger

PT. Swiber Berjaya (Swiber) extended contract of AWB Tirta Samudera and AHTS Atlantic Challenger (5000 BHP) to support Swiber construction project in PHE WMO until mid June 2013.

Tirta Samudera will be use as accommodation and work barge handle construction and diving activity meanwhile AHTS Atlantic Challenger will act as towing, anchor handling and assisting tug for AWB Tirta Samudera.

This yet show another of our commitment to give the best service and support to all of our customer.


Sign AHT Putrajaya Ider Mandiri Contract With Timas Suplindo

Bayu Maritim Berkah sign AHT Putrajaya Ider Mandiri (4800 BHP) contract with Timas Suplindo. AHT Ider Mandiri will assist SMS Endeavour for towing and anchoring job of AWB Falcon Chief during Timas Suplindo job. This contract will commence around May 2013 for 90 days.