AHTS Services

We provide services for Anchor Handling, Towing and Push, and also Supply Vessel either in Dynamic Position (DP) mode or also in standard non DP mode

Offshore Construction and Maintenance

Our Accommodation Work Barges are equipped with high quality Pedestal Crane and large Clear Deck Space to support various offshore facilities construction and maintenance such as Hook Up, Installation, Piling, etc.

Power Barge

We also provide high quality and reliable floating power plant to support any platform complete with power and electricity output as required

Shallow Water and Post Trenching

We also have Accommodation Work Barge that work continuously even in 0m water depth to support shallow water operation and also post trenching operation


Providing high standard and comfortable floating hotel in any offshore field with various availability number of bed

Support Drilling

We also support drilling activities such as Well Stimulation, Well Intervention, Well P&A, etc.

Harbour Operation

We provide services for Harbour and Terminal Operations such as Berthing / Unberthing, Ship to Ship (STS), Static Tow, Escorting, etc.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We also support Horizontal Directional Drilling operation using our Accommodation Work Barge as floating receiver and also flotel

And many other activites, please contact [email protected] for further inquiries

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