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We believe that we need to evolve continuously so that we can deliver the best to all our Customer. The World keep evolving no matter what we do, new challenges which may change from time to time, new technology emerge, and also many new methodology which we never think before. Thus stop at the top is not enough for us, we need to keep on evolving. Our dynamic and dedicated team member are ready to give the best support to achieve all of our Customer Satisfaction. Nevertheless it is the Management, Office Staff, or Marine Crew, all become one in the eye of our Customer. And with high value and strong collaboration, we believe we can achieve it all.



President Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mr Adi Agung became the President Director of PT Bayu Maritim Berkah in July 2011 and manage the company as Chief Executive Officer until now, chartering barges and vessels to oil companies to support their activities in Indonesia and overseas.


As one of the shareholders Mr Agung targeting the company to be the leader in the accommodation barge business in Indonesia while entering international market to stronger the company foundation at the moment.


With his previous experience as Marketing Manager, Marketing Director and Chief Executive Officer in this oil and gas business, Mr Agung embosses his vision and working tracks to achieve his goal confidently.



Director of Human Resources and General Affair

Mrs Undrawati joined PT Bayu Maritim Berkah in July 2011 managing the human resources department for both onshore and offshore as HR Manager while helping the marketing department in its operations, developing the company to strongly support the CEO business aims in the oil and gas industry.


Working many years in this shipping business before Mrs Undrawati contents to implement her knowledge and experiences as the Head of Human Resources and General Affairs Division up till now.

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Head of Finance

Mr Salamba Lolo joined PT Bayu Maritim Berkah in November 2018 as Financial Controller and a new member of the management but sure he is not new in this position with 28 years working experience in this field.


Supporting, maintaining and monitoring the finance dept Mr Lolo also involved with other department to ensure that company’s income and outcome are balanced properly.



Head of Operation Department

Capt. Zunaedi Zubir, M.Mar being part of PT Bayu Maritim Berkah management team in May 2014 and promoted into Head of Operation Dept in June 2015 because he proves his marine knowledges, skills and experiences tremendously that in a short period management decided to promote him to manage the operation dept and liaise closely with the vessels’ team onboard.


Capt. Zunaedi also able to build strong networking with people onboard the vessels, including the charterer’s users, to ensure vessels operation can be monitored and managed professionally.

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Head of Technical Department

An accomplished maritime engineer with more than 25 years of experience in overseeing technical aspects of marine vessels, including maintenance, repair, and compliance with regulatory standards. Proven track record of successfully managing technical teams, optimizing processes, and delivering exceptional results.



Head of Marketing Department

Being the youngest head in the management Mr Yulius proves his capability in managing the company marketing dept to ensure that all vessels are in their charterers’ hand supporting them doing business in the oil and gas industry either in Indonesia or abroad.


Having background in Informative Technology supports him connecting the company vessels spreading around the world in a computer system located at the company head quarter involving the technical and procurement dept into a reachable networking.



Head of Procurement & Logistic Department

Mr Ginola Basril joined the company in December 2014. Having experiences in managing procurement department in multi-national companies previously, he is confident to acquire vessels materials and equipment with chains of good suppliers inside and outside Indonesia.


Internally Mr Basril has a solid support from his team maintaining data of vessels’ spare parts, equipment and stocks with the smart online system implemented by the company.



Head of Quality Health Safety Environment Department

Mr Rishar Yanto supported PT Bayu Maritim Berkah management team since September 2011 with more than 15 years experiences in health and safety environment management system to ensure that company is managed with a priority in safety and proper system.


Having a naval architect background supported Mr Yanto in implementing safe and proper conducts in the company policy.



Head of Crewing Department

Starting his career in a Singaporean company as Relation Officer, Mr Permana is not reluctant to learn more to grab higher and higher opportunities until he reaches his current position as Head of Crewing Department at PT Bayu Maritim Berkah.

Promised to govern his department simultaneously he is trying to implement as well his knowledge as Bachelor of Law to lecture the department in humanity and their legal rights accordingly.

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